Everybody was kung-fu fighting

Cyber Monday can make for some very interesting purchases, especially when you’re randomly given a gift card to Amazon. So, to pad my ever-growing collection of 360 games, given that I just got the system, I decided to snatch up a 360 copy of Super Street Fighter IV. It was only $14.99, plus free two-day shipping, so I thought, why not? I’ve been wanting it for a while now anyways and there are plenty of people to play against from my group of friends on the 360. Though I haven’t actually fought anyone online yet. All I’ve been doing is the Trials.

And boy do the Trials get you back into the groove of things. I’m mainly a “fast fighter” player – games like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. I actually haven’t played a Street Fighter game “seriously” since Street Fighter II Turbo back on the Super Nintendo. I piddled around with Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game on… Saturn, I think, for a little while at a con once and I played a little bit of 3rd Strike on the Anniversary Collection, but other than that, I haven’t really played any Street Fighter at all. The Trials really help you learn the moves and their movements, I think, even if some of the later ones can get to be a bit stupid. It also helps you learn the timing for moves so you know in what frames certain moves work. Now, that’s actually really technical stuff, but it’s helpful.

As for the game itself… Maybe I started with the wrong character, or maybe it’s that I’m not used to the slower fighters, but I tried Arcade Mode using Ryu. The first two fights (against Guy and El Fuerte) weren’t that bad at all. But then came CPU Cody. Almost every time I tried (a whole three full fights), I got my ass handed to me. Maybe it’s a bad match-up, maybe I don’t know the game so well yet, maybe CPU Cody is just a bitch. But I know I’m going to really wait to do Arcade for a finishing of the game till I can talk to someone who knows the game and can tell me which might be the best to start with.

In terms of characters I really want to learn, though, I’m leaning heavily towards Guile (even though I’m terrible at charging), Cammy, and Dudley. After going through their Trials, I’m really liking both their design and how they play. Though, at least for Guile, I’m really going to have to work at them to get really good.


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