Missions missions missions

More Vesperia? Don’t mind if I do! This weekend was basically full of Street Fighter and Tales of Vesperia, more the latter than the former. Most of the time I ended up grinding for synthesis items so I could be fully outfitted with all the Skills I could possibly get. I did get most everything except for the current best armor, mostly because I was missing a certain item that you only get from a monster in the area you’re supposed to go to. I’ve since got all the items I need from them, but I’m kinda stuck at the end of the dungeon (though I could go back if I wanted).

Most of my problem is trying to get the boss’s Secret Mission. For those not in the know, every boss (or most every boss) has a “Secret Mission” associated with it, in which you have to do something specific in order to cause a scene to occur during the fight. For instance, in the latest boss fight, the Secret Mission involved knocking the boss character off of the stage. A lot of people seem to have trouble doing it, but on my second try, all I had to do was corner him and then use Overlimit to knock him off. There’s also an achievement associated with every Secret Mission (only worth 5g, but every point counts!).

The current boss’s Secret Mission involves knocking him over when he rears up for an attack. It’s… a lot easier said than done, though I’ve only tried fighting him once. More than likely when I get home this weekend, I’ll go back to it and get it.

Why am I doing all of them, you ask? For a title/costume change for the main character. Don’t you love Japanese RPGs?


2 thoughts on “Missions missions missions

    • You would certainly think so. Just hope that the other two AIs won’t mess things up. Though, in some ways, the AI helps get them done. I remember fighting Gattusuo once and AI Repede was able to knock him down while I was stunned.


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