, Ashen, that stupid one in the back – I go by many names. But one thing remains constant through all of them: love of nerd culture and the willingness to write about it. All the scary, back-alleyway, creepy stuff to the awesome, epic-level, full of rainbows stuff.

I wouldn’t really call myself a “retro” gamer, but I have been mired in the past for a long time, having been just introduced to the “next” generation of gaming this past year. Most of the time, I’m more interested in the olde stuff than the new stuff, particularly from the fourth generation of gaming consoles. That’s not to say I don’t like modern gaming. In fact, I like everything from swords and sorcery games to space epics and everywhere in-between. I’m still really breaking into new genres. I also enjoy movies and anime, but then again, I like just about everything.

I’m currently studying film studies at Towson University in Towson, Maryland, with the purpose of going to graduate school somewhere to continue my studies in film. I’m unemployed as a student, but I know my dream job would be to work for the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Either that, or work either with LGBT youth or children/adolescents with disabilities or emotional disturbances. Then again, I might even end up just reviewing stuff, games or movies, for a newspaper or magazine.

Need me to write something? Or just need to get in contact with me? You can get a hold of me on my Backloggery page or at trance2 dot interphase at gmail dot com.


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