‘Splode again

From the awesome creative minds of Twisted Pixel, the studio that brought you gems as The Maw and Comic Jumper comes the sequel to one of the best and most popular games on XBox Live Arcade – introducing MS. SPLOSION MAN.

… okay, maybe that was a little too much of an industry pitch. But seriously, I absolutely loved Splosion Man. In fact, I loved watching it so much that the moment I got my 360, I went onto the Game Marketplace and bought it (only for it to drop down to 160 for Black Friday, so I wasted 740 of my points. *cries*). And then right afterwards, I went and spent $10 to get a Gold account so I could play the multiplayer with people. And even now I’m trying to get the last achievement for beating the game on Hardcore – which is actually a lot more fun than you might think!

I know for a fact I’m definitely picking this up when it’s supposed to come out next fall. … maybe the fact that it’s a purple/pink ‘sploding girl with a little bow helps a little, but I absolutely adored the gameplay of the original. We’ve yet to see how Twisted Pixel is going to refine it to make it even better, but I’m sure they can pull it off, if any of their other games are an indicator.

(via IGN)